it could be harmful to the cells in the long run


  • Long-term adherence to a ketogenic diet without breaks would contribute to cellular aging.
  • This is associated with cellular senescence, a physiological process that leads to the modification of cell functions and the irreversible cessation of cell division.
  • According to the researchers, breaks could reverse this harmful effect of the ketogenic diet.

Losing weight, improving diabetes, reducing epileptic seizures… In general, when we talk about the ketogenic diet, it’s a good thing! But according to a new study published in the journal Scientific advancesThis type of low-carbohydrate, high-lipid, moderate-protein diet would have more than just good sides. It would cause certain cells to age!

A ketogenic diet induces cellular aging

In their work, researchers fromUT Health San Antonioin the United States, show that a ketogenic diet followed long-term, that is, without a break, could induce aging of certain cells, especially in the heart and kidneys.

The authors came to this conclusion after conducting experiments on mice. They followed ketogenic diets between 7 and 21 days at different ages. Analyzes were then performed. Results: this type of feeding led to cellular senescence in several organs of the rodents, especially the heart and kidney.

According to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), cellular aging is a physiological process that leads to the modification of cell functions and the irreversible cessation of cell division. The accumulation of these “senescent cells” is associated with various diseases related to aging.

However, the authors want to be reassured: if the ketogenic diet is intermittent, with breaks, there is no harmful effect on the cells.

Thirteen million Americans are on a ketogenic diet, and we say you need to take breaks from this diet or it could have long-term consequences, reported by David Gius, one of the authors, va communicated.

Take breaks from the ketogenic diet

In addition, during their experiment, the researchers found two ways to slow down the cellular aging associated with the ketogenic diet:

  • By administering senolytics to rodents: these are drugs capable of destroying senescent cells.
  • By following an intermittent ketogenic diet: that is, intermittently.

As cellular senescence is implicated in organ disease, our findings have important clinical implications for understanding the use of a ketogenic diet, explains David Gius. As with other nutritional interventions, you need to “take a keto break”.”

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