To raise awareness of organ donation among as many people as possible, Adot is making a comeback

The local branch of this association is trying to be reborn, to raise awareness about an underestimated problem, according to the collective.

One in three French people is against organ donation. In any case, this is the rejection rate recorded in France. Most often according to “bad recognition” AND “lack of discussion on this topic”, estimates the Federation of the Association for Donation of Human Organs and Tissues (Adot). In this sense, the collective, dormant since the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to resume service in Aveyron.

Interventions in schools, participation in charity events, partnerships with communities, there are many levers activated to advocate this cause.

Transplantation is not possible in Aveyron

“Our role is primarily to raise the awareness of the general public, summarizes Isabelle Gimenez. We have to explain what this gift is.” Because the legislation that governs it is little known. If the French are considered donors, if they do not contraindicate it, during death in hospital (the only case in which organs can be collected posthumously), it is the relatives who have the final say to approve yes or no, no. “That’s why it’s important to talk about it and yet it’s taboo.”regrets Adot. Because transplant needs are numerous. According to the latest data, there are 21,866 patients waiting for a transplant in France, of which 11,422 are on active lists and 823 people on the waiting list died in 2023. Which makes sense of the mission that Adot is doing. “The more we talk about this subject the better!”, summarizes Isabelle Gimenez, who herself underwent a kidney transplant a few years ago. Especially since for Aveyron residents, this operation is only possible in Montpellier or Toulouse, where the Rodez Hospital Center is authorized to harvest organs and tissues, but not to transplant them.

In short, a whole bunch of reasons for the association to make its fight heard by as many people as possible.

Now the challenge is to strengthen the team of volunteers, which currently only has four members.

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