Plot: when Dr. Marty finds himself guilty of Jean-Marie Bigard and Francis Lalanne

Dr. Marty received a reprimand from the Order Council for comments against Jean-Marie Bigard and Francis Lalanne.

“It is no longer possible to criticize conspiracy theorists,” lamented Dr. Jérôme Marty, president of the UFML union, in mid-February after receiving a reprimand from the disciplinary chamber of first instance of the Order of Doctors of Occitanie for the remarks. which the doctor carried out against Jean-Marie Bigard and Francis Lalanne.

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In an open letter published on May 28, 2021 on the social network Covid. The two celebrities then filed a complaint of “lack of ethics” with the Haute-Garonne Medical Council. A reconciliation meeting was held in Toulouse on 27 July 2021, but both artists did not appear and were not represented.

On February 12, the disciplinary chamber sent Dr. A reprimand to Marty ordering him to pay €2,000 each to the comedian and the singer. ME Douchez, lawyer Dr. Marty, condemned the “scandalous and dangerous decision” which would go “completely against the jurisprudence of the European Court”.

“We need to move the lines on this famous article R4127-31 and the National Board of Physicians needs to amend it. It is still unbelievable that any corporation can use its freedom of speech and that doctors refuse it,” said M.E Shower at La Dépêche.

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