Mother’s Day: some ideas for gifts made in Lot

Jewelry, decorations, bouquets… A few days before Mother’s Day, there is still time to find the ideal gift that will please. Even better luck if the latter comes from Lot.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but don’t panic, there are still a few days left to give your mom a gift that will put stars in her eyes. A little attention is always welcome to bring a smile and show attention. If you’re looking for gift ideas, here’s a small selection of products direct from Cadurcien stockists.

A bouquet of flowers, a must

It is one of the biggest holidays for florists. A bouquet always pleases and brightens up the home. At the “Zeste Cahors” shop, we favor seasonal flowers and the least we can say is that the peony is the star of the season. A more classic rose is also a must for a beautiful, colorful bouquet. Pastel tones are also very popular in bouquets, others prefer mixing colors. For all prices and all sizes of bouquets.

Bouquet for Mother’s Day.
DDM – Pauline Frayssou

Memory bracelet, adjustable to all sizes

In her boutique, rue du Maréchal Joffre, Muriel creates her own jewelry with natural stones in “Emma Bijoux”. Do you prefer turquoise, amazonite or quartz? She offers all kinds of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, as well as memory bracelets: “They adapt to the wrist and are easy to put on and take off,” explains the jeweler. A smart idea to avoid the wrong size. From 15 euros per bracelet.

Memory bracelet for all wrists.
Memory bracelet for all wrists.
DDM – Pauline Frayssou

Accessory: brooch, wallet, decorative element

Some mothers have already chosen a gift for Mother’s Day. All they have to do is share their ideas with the children who will be responsible for buying the gifts. It’s a bit like what happens at the Cœur d’Arty Show store from time to time. A brooch to hang on a jacket or beret, a designer mug, a retro wallet… Customers often have favorites and pass on a message to be sure on the big day. From 20 euros per pin.

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“Made in Lot” clothing.

For all moms proud of their department or simply fans of Lot, the brand “Sacré Lotois” offers a whole range of clothes specially created for Mother’s Day. Sweaters, T-shirts or even ultra-colorful and retro bags, a must for all “Sacré Lotoise”. From 25 euros per T-shirt.

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A moment for yourself

A gift that always pleases. A constitutional box, facial or body treatment, this type of gift is a sure bet to offer moments of relaxation, away from stressful days. For stylish moms, a perfume set, lipstick, will be perfect every time.

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